It was a great day in Disney today!

Sunny and beautiful - we started off a little later than planned but had a delicious breakfast at Trails End - lots of Mickey waffles. After that we headed to Hollywood Studios (I didn't realize the name had changed from MGM). Chase and Ronnie rode the Tower of Terror - I'll have to post the picture later of Chase's face :-) They also rode the Rockin' Rollercoaster while Cierra and I enjoyed ice cream and the sun. Chase had the idea to go see the "Lights, Motors, Action" - sports show. The next show was not until 5:30 so we weren't sure if we were going to stay. While we were trying to figure it out, some Cast members approached us and asked us to be the CELEBRATION FAMILY! How cool is that!? So, they told us to come back at 5:00 and tell them who we were. As part of the deal, we got front row seats and got to be on 'the big screen' to say "LIGHTS, MOTORS, ACTION". It was great!!

We wrapped up the evening swimming in the Meadow Swimming Hole then had steaks on the grill!

We miss you guys, Britt, J, Ash and Kayden! btw Britt - the Easter Bunny did find us :-)

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