Shopping, Shopping, SHOPPING!

So....this member of our family was very patient ALL day long yesterday, cheering her brother and his team on.We had promised to take her to Dulles Town Center shopping but that never happened so.....today we 'skipped' church (I know, pathetic) and headed back to Sterling. Chase was excited to hit "Dick's" in search of a new catcher's glove and big barrel bat.Cierra got a lot of cute clothes and Chase eventually caught up with us to get some shorts. I gave them a 2 hour time limit but that didn't work out :) 5 hours later we were leaving the Mall but not before stopping here....yum, yum, YUM!On the way home, we stopped on top the mountain. During my past few flights home we have flown right over our house, the Charles Town Races and I've been able to see the road they are cutting right through the mountain. This isn't the best picture but it really is amazing how very soon our by-pass will be connected and go right up and over the mountain. Wow.Another busy week ahead......rain in the forecast though :(

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