Forever "In Ink"....

Ronnie has been after me to put this together so I'm finally taking the time. You are either a fan of tattoos or you just don't like them and disagree with those that have them. There are even some that 'look down' on people who have tattoos. Well let me tell you, this family has some tattoos however each of them have meaning and weren't just 'spur of the moment' tattoos.

Britt and I each have one across our lower back and wrist. Rather suttle but meaningful. Ronnie has two as well; one on his wrist and one on his right (upper) arm. Jeremy wins the prize for our family of 'having the most'!!

Here's Britt's left wrist - "faith" - if you are familiar with our blog, you know where that came from.

here's my left wrist - again, if you know me this one makes sense..I truly believe in a lot of ways; you just have to know me.

ok, this one is Ronnie's favorite. He had that picture above his visor from vehicle to vehicle and it finally just wore out. He has always loved it so he decided that he wanted to preserve it forever. He had been planning this for some time without me knowing then got a call from his tattoo artist requesting that he have it done during one of the Tattoo Shows. So, he did just that. Fourteen hours later, and six hours of travel, he accomplished his goal. So, the inside joke now is that whenever I travel, I'm really still here. The kids can tell me good night and I'm always with him. While I wasn't a fan of having my face on his arm, the concept is really cool.

During our first visit to St. John, we purchased 'the Carribbean Hook Braclet' which has different meanings based on the position of the 'hook'. If the hook is facing towards you, you are taken; hook facing outward means you are available (for the record, Ronnie's is facing toward him lol). Ronnie isn't a fan of jewelry however he loved this 'fish hook' bracelet. So..he decided to have it tattooed on his arm. He can still wear his actual bracelet because if he chooses to he can wear his watch (a gift from me for our 10th anniversary) and it covers his left wrist. Another creative tattoo...

Brittany and I both got these on Jeremy's birthday a few years ago. For mine, the heart in the middle is for Brittany, the ladybug in the middle of the heart represents Cierra, the horseshoe hanging to the left of the heart is for Jeremy, the drops of water are for Chase (our Bay boy) and the hook on the right of the heart (which matches his bracelet) is for Ronnie.

Brittany has always been our 'heart' child. She draws hearts, signs her names with hearts and loves heart jewelry so it made perfect sense for her to have a heart tattooed on her lower back.

This one is across Jeremy's back. Hey it saves him from ever having to wear a jersey with his name on it!

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  1. I love the meanings of your tattoos. I just have one, a rose on my leg with no real meaning. I am trying to come up with something to put on the top of my foot but I won't do it until I find something that touches me every time I look at it.