A different lens….

It is that time again to head to Des Moines -  which means a quick stop in Minneapolis where you just might see a Jazz guy playing Christmas carols -

A quick peek in my all time fav airport store -

seeing Christmas decorations everywhere -

worrying about the weather that's supposed to come in right about the time i'm heading on my last leg -

and even watching plans be directed in by young peeps -

But, I made it here and I'm all checked in -

My clothes are hung up -

My 'office' is set up -

 My pi's are on (no pics, haha)

And my living space looks a lot different -

This is where I'll be for the next three nights. Missing home. Missing my family. But at the same time, very thankful for my job and lovin' the mint as my bed time snack =)

Most of you know how much I love 'water' - I even have a view of the river out my window, lol!

I didn't get pictures but the downtown area is all lit up for Christmas already, too. Geez. As Cierra said, Thanksgiving has been all forgotten about =(

Good night ya'all!

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