Show time!

Last week was full of shows.....Sheep, Goat, more Goats and Horses! We totally love the fair and everything about it.

On Sunday, Cierra was up for the Sheep Showmanship and Fitting show.

She scrubbed him -

She covered him up -

Then practiced -

Then hit the arena -

Just in case you didn't notice she takes this VERY serious....

And she did a fine job - she made it to the final round for Showmanship! Not a winner but was one of two of the youngest in the Sr. class. We are very proud!

And on Tuesday?! The Goat show! It was a pretty long day but very enjoyable. Not only did we get to see some pretty cool goats but we also got to experience the 5.9 Earthquake =) Believe it or not, I honestly didn't feel it but I am one of few.....I guess I'm not only deaf but missing the sense of feeling, haha!

Cocoa got all cleaned up -

Then Chase hit the arena -

I have seen such a change in Chase and his 'showing' skills over the past few years. Makes me smile =)

He had a 'game face', too!

but believe it or not, the judge did get a smile out of him...

And he too, made it to the final round.

Then in "Open Class"?! Who else but this little Princess would steal the show?!

and how can the judge NOT pick her goat?!

how better to spend time standing in line...
than to give her goat a hug!

This wasn't the only time this Kayden Brooke stole the show - On Friday she had her first horse show...

Unfortunately we didn't get to share in the excitement because we were heading back from OC but pictures work for me, ha!

She is so precious and certainly has a love for horses. (nut doesn't fall far from the tree, lol!) So really....who can't love the County Fair?!

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